Intermittent Fasting Diet

So, what is the essence of the intermittent fasting diet? The bottom line is that you do not eat, in any form, for 16 hours a day. The other 8 hours are for feeding.
The author of the diet is Martin Berhan, a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. To make sure that his diet works, just look at the result and the results of its clients.

intermittent fasting diet
Yes, the intermittent fasting diet works.

Principles of Intermittent Fasting Diet

The basic idea of the diet is to remove yourself from your daily breakfast routine. Yes, you understood correctly, the first meal to be held in the second half of the day, preferably at 12:30, if you get up at 7. At the same time, 50 % of your calories should be consumed after your workout.
So, the key point to this diet is to fast. Meaning not to take any food for 16 consecutive hours per day (you can drink water). This principle is based on the pace of modern life for people living in the city.
With that said, let’s figure out what to eat with the intermittent fasting diet.
What to eat with the intermittent fasting diet?
Now that we have discussed the basic principles of the intermittent fasting diet, now it’s necessary to understand what foods to eat. You do not need to be strict in selecting the food, so we do not give a particular diet plan. You can eat normal food, which is fed on outside the fasting period. But here are some basic guidelines to properly follow the intermittent fasting diet.
-On days of exercise,your diet should consist of 60 % carbohydrates and fat, and most of them should be taken after a workout. The remaining 40% should be eaten with proteins
-In a day of no exercise, your diet should consist of 70% protein and 30% from carbohydrates and fats that should be taken in the first meal
-Do not limit yourself with the intermittent fasting diet, especially on training days. Do you want to eat a piece of cake, no problem. Go straight from the gym to the sweet shop. But still, do not abuse sweets, especially in the early stages of the diet. In a day of rest, try to use only slow carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.
So there you have it the intermittent fasting diet. If you’re looking for a new approach to dieting then give the intermittent fasting diet a try.


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